Purple Paradise Jahama Julie

Description of Monoprint

I have a selection of works on this web site and in particular monoprints. Let me just clarify what monoprints are:

Monoprints are usually made by painting or rolling inks onto a flat non-porous surface. With the application of pressure, the image will transfer onto the paper. The ink used can be applied by brush, rag or roller, how the ink is applied will be reflected in the print and only one pull is usually successful, hence the word monoprint. Second pulls result in a faint image known as a ghost image which can be reworked.

The artwork has been framed on a white mount with a beech wood frame. Discounts are available for purchases without frames. Extra for postage and packaging Any queries please contact Julie

All artwork is available as a limited edition Giclee print. A Giclee print is a very high quality reproduction based on the latest generation printing technology. Please refer to either Gicleeprint or Wikipedia for more information.

The copyright of all images, whether in full or in part remains with the artist, Julie Ann Hamer, at all times.